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Body Community Planet
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A new food philosophy from Sustainability & Wellness.

At Compass Group Canada, we embrace the tremendous power of food and the opportunity we have to positively impact the lives of our guests, our associates and our communities – on both a local and global level.
Body.Comuunity.Planet is a reflection of our conviction that we can make a positive impact that extends beyond our business.  This platform is based on a philosophy that healthy and sustainable  menus prioritize food that promotes the wellbeing of people, community and the planet.
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The Power to be Healthy, Nourished and Inspired

As Canada's largest foodservice provider, serving millions of meals, we recognize the significant impact we can have on the health and wellbeing of your employees, guests and our associates. 
We want to make it easier for you to live well, eat deliciously and sustain a healthier lifestyle.  We do this by offering nourishing foods with balanced nutrients as well as providing you with wellness facts and initiatives to give you the knowledge to make healthy decisions.

Through knowledge and motivation, we can help you be energized, healthy and feel your best!