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  • Catering
    Casual catering at it's best!
    Impressions is the Art of Creative Cuisine, featuring menus to please every palate, and selections to suit each budget and event. While personalized, full service menus and elegant table service remain an important part of our catering services, we want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Impressions Casual Catering menu.
    Whether you have an all-day meeting or a social event, our focus and commitment for Impressions Casual Catering is to bring you an experience with exceptional food quality, retail flair, great value and friendly, efficient service.

    Our Personal Commitment
    Please contact our catering team to discuss any of your catering needs. We are here to customize your menus and provide the style of service required to ensure that each and every catering event exceeds your expectations.
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    Ask us how we can make your event special!